This year has truly presented all of us with challenges and opportunities! As we enter a new school year filled with so much uncertainty, the challenges seem insurmountable. While remote/virtual learning can be very effective, there must be resources  and specific supports in place for student success. Students in rural communities are presented with a special set of challenges. The RISE Project is dedicated to providing resources and support to help all rural students RISE to the occasion and we need your help!! 


For the Fall Semester we will be starting a new subscription box program called STEM Nights. Each week, we will air live interactive STEM demonstrations on our social media channels to engage and inspire students to consider STEM careers. Each month, students will receive a subscription box with materials for each of the STEM demonstrations so that they may participate in the experience at their homes. 


STEM Nights subscription boxes will be sent to all students for FREE! We are looking for Educators, Scientists, Technologists, Engineers, or Mathematicians to lead students through these STEM demos. 


We are requesting that you volunteer one hour on a Wednesday night this Fall to help students connect with the STEM world in an engaging and interactive way. We have a list of possible demos along with directions and a list of materials needed, but we would love it if you have a particular demo that you would like to do! 


Please let us know if you are willing to lead one of the STEM Nights. Use this link to choose the date that works best for you. Since boxes will be sent at the end of the preceding month, we will need your list of materials so that we can include them in the boxes. If you need us to send you materials as well, just let us know. Please choose a demonstration that can be completed within 30 mins and costs no more than $15 per participant. 



Here are a few links to sample demonstrations to choose from. 







Thank you for considering this amazing volunteer opportunity. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let me know! I look forward to hearing from you soon!