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The RISE Project will be On The Road (OTR) in 2020! The RISE OTR campaign is an effort to close the opportunity gap. We will be taking trips around Texas and the US to explore different opportunities that exists and are available to our youth.


Strive Then Thrive

This video series offers an opportunity for volunteers to share their knowledge, professions,or daily encounters with the youth. Simply make a video 3-5 minute and upload it to Youtube and share the link with use at to be showcased to our youth.

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Our youth are interested! You can inspire them by allowing them to shadow you in your professional career! We arrange the days, times and transportation. Our goal is to connect our students with


Inspire Me!

This lunch series connects students and adults over a meal. Volunteers arrange to have lunch with our youth and discuss their careers, paths and answer any questions students may have.

Inspire Me
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