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Funding Dreams

Are you a student in need of funding? Get funded »

Support a Dream.

Make it a Reality.

Many young people need financial help bringing their dreams to life. Choose a proposal that inspires you and give any amount.

How It Works

To ensure integrity, we're there through every step of every project. We vet all requests, purchase each item, and submit payments on behalf of the youth.

Little League

You Find a Proposal

Find a student proposal that inspires you and give as little or as much as your heart desires. We're a public charity, so your donation is tax-deductible.

Dollar Bills

We Fulfill the Request

When a proposal is fully funded, we purchase all the requested items or submit payment for the requested activity.


Youth Thank you

Every donor gets a thank-you letter from the student, photos from the activity in action, and a report of how each dollar was spent.

Our Mission

Many students have desires and dreams that are hindered only by financial strain. We make it easy for anyone to help the youth make their dreams a reality. Whether its attending a summer camp to better their athletic abilities, an internship interest, or a desire to explore travel opportunities, we believe that all students deserve the chance to explore possibilities and reach full potential. We connect donors with dreams.

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