Available Positions

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Volunteer Opportunity
Program Developer

Strategic Planner

3 positions available--Inspire, Encourage, Empower

  • The Program Developer reports to the Director of Programs and is responsible for the successful leadership and management of the programs of The RISE Project in accordance with the strategic direction set by the Board of Trustees and Executive Director.

  • S/he works with the members who develop ideas in an effort to execute and great event.

  • Another name for the program developer is “Strategic Planner”

Volunteer Opportunity
Logistics Lead

Coordination Lead

​2 positions available

  • Logistics Lead reports to the Director of Events and is responsible for the inventory, facilities, and other materials that are necessary for each program.

  • S/he works works to order/secure the materials in the most efficient manner that adheres to the program budget.

  • Another name for the Logistics Lead is “Coordination  Lead”